Thorsten Klaus Otto Gravert
Doktorand/in, Århus University
My research is on endocrine disruptors in the environment. These compounds can mess up the hormonal system in humans and animals, which is necessary for reproduction. I'm also an environmental analytical chemist, meaning you can point at a sample from nature and I can tell you what molecules and chemicals are in it. A bit like a tricorder in Star Trek, just much bigger and slower. In the past, I have studied oil spills and how to determine where the oil comes from. While many have big catastrophes in mind (e.g. Deepwater Horizon), much oil is released every day by small and big boats causing problems to our marine animals and plants.

In einer Videokonferenz...

... kann ich über meine Forschung sprechen.

... beantworte ich gerne Fragen zum Studium oder zu Karrierechancen.

... spreche ich auch mit Universitätsstudenten im Rahmen einer Vorlesung.

Verwandte Schulfächer
Biologie, Chemie
Chemistry, Environmental Pollution, Analytical Chemistry, Ecotoxicology, Oil pollution
Dänisch, Englisch, Deutsch