Chris Waudby
Postdoc, University College London
After applying to university to study genetics, I became increasingly interested in biochemistry and biophysics - tackling biological problems from a physical and sometimes mathematical perspective - and eventually graduated in Chemistry. In my PhD, I studied some of the physical mechanisms that we think underlie diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, in which proteins malfunction and aggregate together within the brain. Today though my research focuses on how proteins are made in the first place, and start to acquire their correct 3D structure during their manufacture by ribosomes within the cell. We use lots of techniques for this, but an important one is NMR spectroscopy - using some of the strongest magnets in the world to probe what these proteins are doing during their synthesis. Outside of science, I’m a keen musician, swimmer, and recently cycled from Paris to Barcelona!

In einer Videokonferenz...

... kann ich über meine Forschung sprechen.

... kann ich Experimente oder Messgeräte zeigen., z.B. NMR spectroscopy (high-field)

... beantworte ich gerne Fragen zum Studium oder zu Karrierechancen.

... spreche ich auch mit Universitätsstudenten im Rahmen einer Vorlesung.

... stehe ich als Experte in anderem Rahmen zur Verfügung (z.B. für Journalisten, Museen).

Verwandte Schulfächer
Biologie, Chemie, Mathematik
NMR spectroscopy, biochemistry, biophysics, ribosomes, proteins, structural biology, thermodynamics, kinetics