Ruth Dunn
Postdoc, Florida International University
I went to university because I wanted to join the police force as a graduate. Instead I ended up falling in love with ecology and marine biology, enjoying spending time doing surveys on the rocky shores of Scarborough in the UK. I therefore undertook a masters programme where I was able to conduct my own research projects. I enjoyed working independently and doing what I wanted in order to answer ecological questions. I then did a PhD in seabird ecology which involved me spending time on remote, uninhabited seabird islands (in the UK, Australia and New Zealand) where I put small tags on the birds to see where they went and what they got up to whilst at sea. I have now recently started a postdoc position where I am investigating the ecological importance of sharks.

In einer Videokonferenz...

... kann ich über meine Forschung sprechen.

... beantworte ich gerne Fragen zum Studium oder zu Karrierechancen.

... spreche ich auch mit Universitätsstudenten im Rahmen einer Vorlesung.

... stehe ich als Experte in anderem Rahmen zur Verfügung (z.B. für Journalisten, Museen).

Verwandte Schulfächer
Seabirds; Energetics; Statistics; Sharks; Ecology; Climate change