Anna Cabre
Angestellte/r, University of Pennsylvania (remote)
I am a climate physicist and oceanographer with a background in astronomy and cosmology. My goal is to contribute to a fair, sustainable future, one that takes into account the quality of life of future generations and the care for our planet. I have been exploring outside the theoretical world where my research lives (inside the computer) and focussing on having a direct impact. How? Communicating/inspiring/consulting/creating content about our future possiblities as humans, our footprint on Earth, the oceans role in mitigating climate change, climate justice, Antarctica, or women in STEMM.

In einer Videokonferenz...

... kann ich über meine Forschung sprechen.

... spreche ich auch mit Universitätsstudenten im Rahmen einer Vorlesung.

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climate, oceans, IPCC reports, sustainability
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