Alexandra Zuhr
Doktorand/in, Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research
Hi, my name is Alexandra, I am in my third year of my PhD working on a better understanding of the climate signal contained in proxy data from paleo archives such as ice cores and marine sediments. I studied Geography at the University in Erlangen and Climate Sciences at the University in Augsburg. During my studies, I participated in special courses in Norway and Svalbard. Especially the nature in Svalbard fascinated me, and I developed a desire to study the polar regions more closely. During my PhD, I am studying the process of signal formation in snow and ice by analysing stable water isotopes in snow from the Greenland ice sheet. Analogously, I am analysing radiocarbon and oxygen isotopes in foraminifera from marine sediments to investigate the signal imprint and proxy representativity. I am very grateful that I have already been able to participate in two expeditions to the Greenland ice sheet to take my own samples. The times during my field research were very special and gave me the opportunity to experience a very vulnerable and rapidly changing landscape in the Arctic. I am an active member of APECS Germany (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists) and the APECS council and am very interested in communicating my knowledge and science to other people around the world.

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paleoclimate, glaciology, climatology, earth sciences, geosciences, ocean conveyor
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