Clemens Bothe
Bachelorstudent/in, Leibniz Universität Hannover
I'd love to help students planning to study in the field of biology by talking about expectations, specialisations and relevance. I am currently finishing my basic studies of Biology in Hanover with a thesis about methanotrophy and methaneotroph bacteria under ammonium amendment. Here lays the microbiological link between greenhouse gas emissions and agricultural fertilisation. I also spent a lot of time in france and Costa Rica learning about local ecology and nature conservation issues. Soon I'll begin master degree studies in fields of ecology, evolution and biodiversity.

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Verwandte Schulfächer
Biologie, Ethik
biology, methane, microbiology, molecular biologie, ecologie, biodiversity of tropic regions, biophilosophy, bee keeping
Englisch, Deutsch