Ishwari Marathe
Angestellte/r, Albert Ellis Institute, New York
I am a clinical psychologist and therapist trained in Rational Emotive Cognitive Behavior Therapy (RECBT). I have a vast experience in working with clients suffering from Anxiety, Depression, OCD, Schziophrenia and other mental health concerns. I have 3+ years of experience in conducting workshops, webinars and talks on various topics that fall under the umbrella of mental health ( Managing Mood Swings, Beating Procrastination, Dealing with Criticism to name a few). I got into the field of mental health primarily because of my inclination towards human interaction, empathetic personality and an interest in the way human beings make sense of the experiences they have in life. One goal that I have always kept is also of de-stigmatization and awareness building in the general population about mental health and therapy. To that end I started my own Instagram handle (thetalking_therapist) and Youutbe Channel (The Talking Therapist) where I regularly post posts and videos regarding mental health and the process of therapy. Ultimately, my goal is to normalize taking therapy and to make my clients their own therapists at the end of the day.

In einer Videokonferenz...

... beantworte ich gerne Fragen zum Studium oder zu Karrierechancen.

... spreche ich auch mit Universitätsstudenten im Rahmen einer Vorlesung.

... stehe ich als Experte in anderem Rahmen zur Verfügung (z.B. für Journalisten, Museen).

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Mental Health, Therapy, Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, REBT, CBT, OCD, Trauma, Mindfulness
Englisch, Hindi, Marathi