For Teachers:
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For Scientists:

Welcome to Ring-a-Scientist!

Ring-a-Scientist wants to bring researchers into the classroom - live via a videoconferencing call. Depending on the school subject and the teacher's preferences, a call can include virtual laboratory tours, debates, current research and career advice.

Using the Browse Profiles function, teachers can get to know the researchers in our database - from first year students to full professors. Afterwards, they can conveniently schedule an appointment for a videoconferencing call during one of their classroom lesson.

Why video conferencing calls?

A video conferencing call is less time consuming and less costly than a school visit. It can be integrated into a classroom lesson in a flexible manner and is also highly compatible with day-to-day work in research. We do not want to replace but to complement school visits and to offer the possibility to reach schools far beyond the local area - because 21st century education deserves 21st century technology.

How to participate

For teachers:
Scheduling an appointment with the scientist of your choice is quick and easy, see For Teachers.

For undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs, lecturers and professors:
It takes only a few minutes to set up a profile here. It can be adapted at any time. A teacher's inquiry can alaways be rejected, so the time comittment remains flexible. Ring-a-Scientist is not limited to school subjects - anyone can sign up.

For school students:
You would be interested in a video conferencing call during your lesson and your teachers don't know about Ring-a-Scientist? Tell them! Maybe you can help choosing a scientist and setting up the call. You can also contact us and we will get in touch with your teacher.

For press offices, event managers and museums:
Many of our scientists are looking forward to be contacted by you. Use the Browse Profiles function to find an expert that suits your needs.

For anyone else:
We want to grow the Ring-a-Scientist community and are really interested in your feedback. We are looking forward to hear about your ideas - contact us here or get in touch via Twitter.