Yumeng Wang
PhD candidate, TU Dortmund University, Germany / Institute General Education and Vocational Education
This study focuses on festival rituals in a Chinese elementary school. First, the study explores the relationship between Chinese ancient rituals “Li” (礼) and modern rituals and clarifies the historical development of the appearance, forming, and development of school rituals in contemporary China. Secondly, the study uses ethnographic observation in the sense of focused ethnography to show the process of how the traditional folk culture is passed on from the older gen­era­tion to the younger one through rituals in Chinese schools and to analyze the educational functions of rituals in this context. Finally, the study uses narrative interviews with ritual experts, school administrators, teachers, and students about festival rituals and school rituals to reconstruct the rituals’ practice patterns as well as different views upon these patterns. The purpose of this study is to construct a practice model of Chinese festival rituals as well as Chinese school rituals, which can also contribute to the study of festival culture transmission in Chinese school education.

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Ethics, Social Sciences, Interdisciplinary
S4F, educational. anthropology, school ritual study, educational research in elementary school , intercultural education (education for international understanding )
Chinese (Mandarin), English