Ruth Dunn
PostDoc, Florida International University
I went to university because I wanted to join the police force as a graduate. Instead I ended up falling in love with ecology and marine biology, enjoying spending time doing surveys on the rocky shores of Scarborough in the UK. I therefore undertook a masters programme where I was able to conduct my own research projects. I enjoyed working independently and doing what I wanted in order to answer ecological questions. I then did a PhD in seabird ecology which involved me spending time on remote, uninhabited seabird islands (in the UK, Australia and New Zealand) where I put small tags on the birds to see where they went and what they got up to whilst at sea. I have now recently started a postdoc position where I am investigating the ecological importance of sharks.

In a video conferencing call...

...I am happy to talk about my research.

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Related School Subjects
Seabirds; Energetics; Statistics; Sharks; Ecology; Climate change