Leo Scheller
PostDoc, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Laboratory of Protein Design & Immunoengineering
How does it work? A human I mean. It's a tough question and there are no complete answers. Going into research to investigate human biology was the closest thing I could think of to satisfy some of this curiosity. During my Bachelor's studies in molecular medicine in Freiburg, Germany I discovered that there is the field 'synthetic biology' which aims to rebuild biology to achieve useful functions. Among other topics, some functions are used for medicine, and some to learn more about biology by a concept that has been coined as 'build to understand'. Both approaches are very interesting to me! To gain more insight into these topics I did my master's in Systems & Synthetic biology in Edinburgh, Scotland. During my PhD in Basel, Switzerland, I focused on building sensors (cell receptors) that enable cells to respond in a more programmable way to some stimuli that are medically relevant. Now, in Lausanne, Switzerland, I focus on applying some of these concepts in improving immune cells to fight cancer (CAR-T cells) and to learn some underlying principles (build to understand) of receptor function by using computational protein design.

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Synthetic Biology, Biomedicine, Molecular Medicine, Bioengineering, Protein Design, CAR-T
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