Kathrin Fischer
Research scientist, Ivoclar Vivadent AG
I loved biology already in school and headed for a life science career (biology/biomedicine). During my studies, I discovered toxicology which was both interesting from a scientific point of view - understanding how toxic substances act requires thorough understanding of the function of the body, the cell etc. - and a sociological point of view - everything we are exposed to in everyday life could be harmful and a threat to people - and everyone easily understands the need for toxicological testing. During my PhD, I studied the influence of nanoparticles on our DNA and got acquainted to the fascinating world of very small particles and their effects on the human body. I ended up in industry, assessing medical device and cosmetic products for dental care. Explaining scientific matter to lay people or colleagues from other disciplines is always a great pleasure for me. I love being the bridge between science and society!

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Related School Subjects
Biologie, Chemie
Toxikologie, Risikobewertung, Medizinprodukte, Dentalprodukte, Nanotoxikologie, Nanopartikel, Zahnpflege
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