Enrico Lemma
PostDoc, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
I'm interested in Nanotechnologies for bio-applications, with particular reference to 3D microstructure fabrication for Regenerative Medicine and Cell Culture studies. Passionate but not nerdy, mediator with clear ideas in mind, I like working with enthusiastic and ambitious -but humble- people. My approach to work resides in the quote (Seneca, Ep. ad Lucilum): "Quidquid facere te potest bonum tecum est. Quid tibi opus est ut sis bonus ? Velle."- "Everything you can do to be good is within you. So, what should I need to be good? Willingness."

In a video conferencing call...

...I am happy to talk about my research.

...I am happy to answer questions about university and career-related questions.

...I am happy to moderate a discussion.

...I am happy to speak to others (e.g. to journalists, museums).

Related School Subjects
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Interdisciplinary
direct laser writing; 3D prinitng; materials science; cell biology; biomaterials
English, French, German, Italian