Yasmin Dorfstetter
PhD candidate, University of Natural Ressources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU) - Institute for Silviculture
Having chosen one of the first Bachelor degree programmes in 2002 designed from scratch I studied International Forest Ecosystem Management followed by Masters in Forest Information Technology. These studies brought me into life sciences to research projects about agrowood in short-rotation coppices, payments for forest ecosystem services and forest management under climate change. Most engraving, however, was my time in the research cooperation about the mitigation of climate change between the Federal State of Salzburg and the Austrian Energy Agency. Since then, I investigate limits of political, natural, social and personal measures against climate change and spread the word for our most outstanding global transition challenge of the present. Within projects with the civil society I could broaden my natural-science-based knowledge with social innovation tools and techniques like art of hosting, sociocracy, consent decision making etc. With all this toghether I contribute to necessary changes and help people to become part of the solution.

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Related School Subjects
Biology, Interdisciplinary
S4F, climate change, mitigation, adaptation, forest ecosystem services, forest management, biomass
English, German