Marten Winter
Professor, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv) Halle-Jena-Leipzig
I believe that answering and discussing your question is an important way of transporting scientific results. I'm actually not a junior professor but my job is so unique and in-between so many things that the scheme here doesn't fit. :) I'm a scientists who leads a kind of think tank, a synthesis centre dealing with all aspects of biodiversity research questions. I'm a trained wildlife ecologist who after being for several years a postdoc changed from being a pure scientist to managing science and its processes behind. I'm still doing research and was among the most cited ecologists globally in 2018. Outreach-wise I gave a TEDx talk ( and also give regularly media interviews about biodiversity and/or climate change related issues. I also speak often to the public, e.g. at schools or science nights etc. I also talk regularly to stakeholders and politicians.

In a video conferencing call...

...I am happy to talk about my research.

...I am happy to answer questions about university and career-related questions.

...I am happy to moderate a discussion.

...I am happy to speak to others (e.g. to journalists, museums).

Related School Subjects
S4F, species invasions, biodiversity loss, conservation, global, mammals
English, German