Thore Posske
PostDoc, Universität Hamburg
I am actively promoting the interaction between non-scientists and scientists. If you have an audience that is interested in science or wants to become interested do not hesitate to contact me. Also, if you are a journalist seeking advice on a topic within my experise you may contact me. See for details. My research is about mesoscopic quantum structures in solid state physics. I am currently particulary interested in the application of topology and differential geometry, describing the behavior of spin chains, anyons, and Majorana fermions in the realm of topological/adiabatic/holonomic quantum computing. Before, I have worked on the Kondo effect for the quantum spin Hall insulator with special focus on the Kondo cloud as well as the influence of magnetic and superconducting materials on the edge states of three dimensional topological insulators and hybrid systems consisting of a trivial insulator and a topological insulator.

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Informatik, Geographie, Mathematik, Physik, Interdisziplinär
Physik, Mathematik, Quantenphysik, Künstliche Intelligenz, Topologie, Theoretische Physik
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