Baptiste Caziot
PostDoc, Philipps Univsersitaet Marburg
I studied engineering and psychology. I got a master in Cognitive Sciences from Paris Descartes/ENS/EHESS, and a PhD in Visual Science from the College of Optometry of the State University of New York. I now work as a postdoc in neurophysiology at Marburg University. My specialty is stereoscopic depth perception. which I investigate with behavioral experiments in humans (psychophysics), as well as with physiological experiments in monkeys.

In a video conferencing call...

...I am happy to talk about my research.

...I can show live experiments or equipment, e.g. Visual stimuli

...I am happy to answer questions about university and career-related questions.

...I am happy to moderate a discussion.

...I am happy to speak to others (e.g. to journalists, museums).

Related School Subjects
Biology, Psychology
neuroscience, vision, physiology
English, French