Dorothee Mischkowski
PostDoc, Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods
I am a psychologist by training, but work in an interdisciplinary manner at the interface of social psychology and behavioral economics. Among other things, I research prosocial behavior, its situational and personality correlates, and how it can be increased.

In a video conferencing call...

...I am happy to talk about my research.

...I can show live experiments or equipment, e.g. Economic games (e.g., public good games, dictator games, prisoner's dilemma), personality questionnaires, social psychological experiments

...I am happy to answer questions about university and career-related questions.

...I am happy to moderate a discussion.

...I am happy to speak to others (e.g. to journalists, museums).

Related School Subjects
Economics, Psychology, Social Sciences
Prosocial behavior, cooperation, social preferences, personality, individual differences
English, German