Aditya Chhatre
PhD candidate, MPI-CBG/ TU Dresden
I am a Cell Biologist by training, and a teacher and mentor by passion. I pursued a Masters and gained expertise in the field of cytoskeleton. Currently I am trying to set-up a methodology to reconstitute and engineer the motility of a protein system that is notoriously challenging to work with. This involves me test and sandbox various micro-manipulation tools and have them moonlight to my use. If successful, it will forever transform how we study the system of interest for the field. Other than my work I mentor and help undergraduate level students to develop the skill-set and interest in STEM subjects, while guiding them additionally to appear for international competitive examinations for higher studies.

In a video conferencing call...

...I am happy to talk about my research.

...I can show live experiments or equipment, e.g. Light Microscope, Cell Culture.

...I am happy to answer questions about university and career-related questions.

...I am happy to moderate a discussion.

...I am happy to speak to others (e.g. to journalists, museums).

Related School Subjects
Biology, Mathematics, Interdisciplinary
Bioengineering, Cell Biology, Biochemistry,
English, Hindi, Marathi